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Whether it's commercial, documentary, short film or animation it takes a village to produce quality branded content. We've come together from all branches of the creative tree and found strength in numbers, sharing one passion: compelling story telling.


We bring together a team of writers to develop ideas into concepts, concepts into scripts and then scripts into story boards.


Building the perfect team and gearing them up with the right tools we’re able to tackle any shoot and make the storyboards come to life.


Editing, animating, sound design & scoring…these are a few of our favorite things.


Navigo now offers data visualization where we help clients map and code their ideas into original webpages.

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Navigo is a production company based in New York, NY. We are committed to making quality detail-oriented original content that communicates any message to your audience. We like to stop, collaborate and listen.

  • Artem Agafonov

    Founder, Director
  • Craig Newton

  • Erik Shirai

    Director of Photography
  • Ferris Caldwell

  • Patty Bryan

    Head of Operations
  • Justin Noto

  • Dave Morales

    Camera Op/Assistant Editor
  • John Starr

  • Justin Talbott

    Web Developer
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  • Producer/Dir Artem Agafonov
  • Producer/Dir Justin Noto
  • Director of Photography Timur Civan
  • Sound Mixer Adrian Martinez
  • Production Design Katy Rusch
  • Dolly Grip Adam Chinoy
  • Gaffer Rob Smith
  • Editor/Graphics Craig Newton
  • Colorist Joseph Mastantuono
  • Client CPYV
  • Original Score Gaurco - "Viracocha Llora"
  • Sound Mix & Design Tactical Sounds
  • Actor Ed McEneaney

Suicide PSA

We partnered up with the Center to Prevent Youth Violence (CPYV) to create an :30 second video PSA and a :60 second radio PSA about gun safety for The Rhode Island state department. After finishing up the script and casting we spent a day shooting and a day recording the radio spot - you can see some of the behind the scenes in this video (https://vimeo.com/121191614 pw: bts). Both PSA ran across 25 channels for two months in Rhode Island.

Directors Note:

The actor Ed Mckeany came in to do voiceovers for his character: a father who is apologizing to his recently deceased son, Michael, who committed suicide with a gun that was left loaded in their house. Ed handed Justin Noto (co-director) and I a letter in which he explained that his brother had committed suicide with a firearm in Colorado a few weeks earlier. His brothers name was Michael. So we decided to drop our script and asked Ed to talk to his brother. The result was honest and moving, at times chilling. These are the moments we savior.

Other Projects

Robert Glasper and Steinway & Sons


  • ProducerArtem Agafonov
  • Dir/DP Erik Shirai
  • AC Dave Burdette
  • Production Design Alina Uzlov
  • Key Grip/Dolly Grip George Mastuo
  • Gaffer Freddy Cintron
  • Editor/Graphics Craig Newton
  • Colorist Craig Newton
  • Client Bridgewater Chocolate
  • Original Score (Killer Tracks)
  • Sound Mix & Design Craig Newton

Bridgewater Chocolate

Bridgewater Chocolates was expanding to a new market in the Middle East and wanted to highlite how their products are made. Navigo teamed up with Erik Shirai to encapsulate both the ingredients, the craft it takes to create these tasty chocolates.


  • Producer/Dir Artem Agafonov
  • Co-Dir Craig Newton
  • DP Timur Civan
  • Editor/Graphics Craig Newton
  • Colorist Craig Newton
  • Client AMPAS
  • Movi Operator Chris Aran
  • AC Ali Cengiz
  • PA David Morales

The Oscars Statue | How It’s Made

The production of the Oscar statue moved from Chicago to NY. The Academy sought to return to the original process of lost wax cast bronze for reasons of tradition and quality. The classic Oscar from 1928 as well as the modern Oscar used in 2015 were then blended to make the 2016 design closer to George Stanley’s original Art Deco sculpture. We teamed up with DP Timur Civan and Movi Operator Chris Aran to capture the process from computer design to final polish.


  • Producer/Dir Artem Agafonov
  • Illustrator John Starr
  • Editor/Animator Craig Newton
  • Sound Mix & Design Jake Bloomfield-Misrach
  • Voice Over Speak Easy Productions - Patty
  • Client: Oxford Economics

Cloud Animation

We collaborated with Oxford Economics to produce this animation/explainer video for SAP. The challenge was simple enough: make a long research report, interesting. We decided to visually follow the story of this red ball to show how impactful and prevalent cloud computing is.


  • Producer/Dir Artem Agafonov
  • Story Board Artist Craig Newton
  • Editor/Animator Craig Newton
  • Sound Mix & Design Jake Bloomfield-Misrach
  • Voice Over Speak Easy Productions - Sheridan
  • Client: IFC

Mövenpick Hotel

The International Finance Corporation needed a colorful and insightful way to explain how investments in developing countries impact their economies. After reading through their summary reports, we honed in on script, which led to a story board, which led to this animation.


  • Director Artem Agafonov
  • Producer Harrison Wood, Artem Agaonov
  • Director of Photography Erik Shirai
  • Camera Operator Justin Noto
  • Editor/Graphics Craig Newton
  • Assistant Editor David Morales
  • Audio Engineer Tim Race
  • Client Steinway & Sons
  • Talent Robert Glasper

Robert Glasper and Steinway & Sons

In partnership with Steinway & Sons, we worked with 2-time Grammy Award winner, Robert Glasper to tell the story of his return to the acoustic piano with his new trio record. He toured the Steinway factory in Queens NYC where he met some of the factory workers and tested various pianos for his Le Poisson Rouge concert at the 2015 Winter Jazz Festival. Navigo worked strategically with three unique client brands (Steinway & Sons, WJF, Robert Glasper) to create a co-branded experience through documentary storytelling. Directors Note: “Be yourself, or be by yourself!”

Other Projects

Up For Air


  • Producer/Dir Artem Agafonov
  • Director of Photography Erik Shirai
  • Field Engineer Richard Levengood
  • Editor/Graphics Craig Newton
  • Legal Peter Betaneli
  • Original Score Dan Rosen
  • Sound Design/Mix Stephen Schappler, Hollis Smith

Up For Air

Up For Air follows Jerry Cahill, a 58-year-old pole-vaulting coach battling Cystic Fibrosis (CF), who is now 20 years past his given life expectancy and one of the oldest living patients with the genetic disease.

CF causes patients to produces excessive amounts of cement-like mucus which clogs the airways in lungs making it difficult to breathe and causing frequent infections. Despite improved medical treatments, Jerry is confronted with respiratory degeneration, mounting depression, and an inevitable procedure that all CF patients must one day face: a double-lung transplant - an unpredictable operation that only 50% of patients survive 5 years post transplant.

Up For Air is an intimate cinematic journey shot over five years which urges us to consider: when life presents impossible barriers, where do you find the motivation to prove it wrong?

Other Projects

Animation Reel


  • Director Artem Agafonov
  • Producer Harrison Wood
  • Director of Photography Artem Agafonov
  • Editor/Graphics Craig Newton
  • Audio Engineer LPR person
  • Client Winter Jazz Festival
  • Talent Justin Brown

Justin Brown WJF 2015

Winner of JazzTimes 2015 Critics Poll “Best Festival,” the NYC Winter Jazzfest featuring over 500 performers took over Greenwich Village for it’s 11th year. Navigo was asked to work with Thundercat and Flying Lotus drummer Justin Brown to create an energetic :15 and :90 promotional spot.

Other Projects

Suicide PSA